Risk management is a critical component for any financial institution lending out money. This large bank located in Birmingham Alabama wanted to consolidate the loan decisioning process, so that various loan systems used by different lines of business in the bank could have a centralized place for scoring loans and calculating interest rates.

As part of a major communication hub we call “Hermes”, we worked with a team of risk management analysts and designed for them a new risk-based pricing system, allowing them to store product information (product variables, adjustments, and rates).  One of the most critical problems solved was in the form of a web service which is able to interrogate complex pricing matrices, along with a host of credit bureau data, and return an interest rate.  The best part is – it is prepared to serve up requests made from any existing line of business system (APPRO, E3, CMSI).

The bottom-line benefit – when the bank needs to come up with new products to sell, or make modifications to existing ones, the “go-live” time is a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months.  Also, there is now only one place where all products are priced, regardless of the loan system.

All development is being done in Visual Studio 2010, C# .Net, ADO.Net, LINQ, WCF, WPF, Winforms, and SQL Server